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20 Halloween Ghost Decoration Ideas

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Halloween Ghost Decoration ideas

Halloween is only two weeks away, so it’s time to get ready for your Halloween party or just for trick-or-treaters. Here is a list of 20 Halloween Ghost Decoration idea from different blogger. I know you will love these Halloween decorations!

  1. DIY Ghost Piñatas from
  2. DIY Spooky Ghosts Etched Votives from
  3. Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights from
  4. Floating Head Hanging Ghosts from
  5. 3D Pumpkin And Cheese Cloth Ghosts from
  6. Ghosts In A Jar from
  7. DIY Disney Emoji Hatbox Ghost Halloween Decor from
  8. 5-Minute Yarn Ghosts from
  9. Halloween Ghosts Made From Gourds from
  10. Printable Boomoji Ghosts from
  11. DIY Halloween Tissue Pom Pom Ghosts from
  12. DIY Colorful Ghost Decorations from
  13. Popcorn Box Ghosts from
  14. Ghosts In Mason Jars from
  15. DIY Floating Halloween Ghosts For Your Yard from
  16. DIY Spooky Cute Mini Ghost Garland from
  17. DIY Halloween Ghost Luminaries from
  18. Halloween Ghost Lollipop Tree Centerpiece from
  19. Illuminated Ghosts Halloween Party Decor from
  20. DIY Emoji Ghost Balloons from

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!