10 Champagne Cocktails With a Twist

10 Champagne Cocktails With a Twist

10 Champagne Cocktails With a Twist

Put a twist on your New Year’s Eve champagne toast with these delicious champagne cocktails. These cocktail recipes will be a hit at your New Year’s Eve party! I am not really a fan of champagne by itself, but I can definitely get down with these cocktails! They are basically a twist on the classic mimosa. They focus on other flavors, rather than the champagne itself. If you are okay straying from tradition, I highly recommend you try these out! They will definitely impress your party guests. So take a little risk and try something new!

Now enjoy the pretty pictures.

Champagne Cocktails

Rosemary 75 Champagne Cocktail

Prickly Pear Sorbet Champagne

Raspberry Champagne Rum Punch

Passionfruit Champagne Cocktail 

Nectarine iced Champagne Cocktail

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

Blackberry thyme Champagne spritzer

French 75 Champagne Cocktail

Sweetheart Spritzer Champagne Cocktail

Rose Champagne Spritzer Cocktail

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10 Champagne Cocktails With a Twist

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